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Highly bioavailable and medically formulated liquid vitamins, offering a cost-effective and delightful alternative to poorly absorbed capsule vitamins on the market

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Our In-House Formulations Are Crafted For Medical Professionals But Made Available To The Public

Using patented Rapid-Sorb technology, we smash our ingredients down to microscopic particles, making the nutrients primed for absorption and utilization by the body. This increases absorption rates from around 10-20% with regular supplements to the north of 50% with liquid vitamins.



Medically Relevant 
Our team of medical professionals has diligently worked on each of our 30+ products to create the most precisely dosed and effective formulas for the general consumer and patients alike.  These products are FDA Registered and Third Party tested! Find out what the difference means for yourself today! 
Private Labeling
Have your logo but no label? We can help with that. Our in-house printing allows us to help you adjust the label to fit your brand and get you your product faster.


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